Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost there..

Tonight we're in Sheridan, Wyoming at a dive of a hotel. We're about 4.5 hours away from the Montana State University campus, and I can't wait to get there and take a long shower. Unfortunately, I can't move into my dorm room until Saturday- but luckily Eric has a house and a couch that I plan on taking over for at least a day.. that is if I make it out of this hotel.  I feel like I might die here tonight. The door doesn't close all the way. The floor is sticky. I think I'm going to be cleaner if I don't take a shower. And, I'm pretty sure there's a serial killer nearby. It just seems like one of those towns.
We went to a dive bar (actually about 3) looking for food tonight. Absolutely nothing. We ate at a truck stop. It was actually pretty good. Breakfast food & beer- I can't really complain. If the bars we went into were any indication of how drinking goes down out here, I think I'm in for quite a surprise. Many old drunk creepy men. Need I say more?

On to a happier subject, here's some pictures of the trip thus far.. (We just got into the mountains this afternoon, so the cool pictures are yet to come..)

This is South Dakota, which took about 8 hours to drive through today. It pretty much looked like this for half of it, until we got to the badlands (below)

Badlands. Pretty bad.

Dad thought this was funny.. It was for a second. It was next to a drug store called "Wall Drugs." If any of you have traveled out west, you've seen the signs. They start about 300 miles from the store, and there's about one every mile. By the time you get there, there's no way you can't stop and go in the place. The signs were bragging about everything from a T-Rex to homemade ice cream and free ice water. The last two were actually decent. Never saw the dinosaur. 

Beginning of mountains, from South Dakota.

This is beautiful Wyoming with the mountains in the distance.. We are stopped tonight about 30 miles from here. 

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  1. BTW, Momma, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger ;) loves you.