Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Montana

I'm in Montana and having a blast. I look out my dorm room window and see snow capped mountains in one direction, and about 3 soccer fields and horses in the other. It's absolutely beautiful. The weather is great- no clouds in the sky yesterday, and its mostly bright blue today. There's no humidity out here, which is probably the best part. Yesterday we went hiking to the M. 
The climb to the M is a tradition for freshman students, or any visitors. It doesn't look that high up, but trust me, it is. Being almost a mile above sea level doesn't help my athletic ability (well, lack thereof). It was a fun hike.. but exhausting. Definitely needed a nap after that one ;) Here are some more pictures from up there...

me, eric, pops
This is bozeman, with the mountains in the background. If you look in the left middle, you can see a white building which is the arena. My dorm is right next to it. I live on an 11-story dorm- so different than hope!

This is proof that I made it. Eric had no problem while I wanted to die about 1/4 of the way up. Notice my lack of standing ability.

We're going to a place called Lava Lake this afternoon.. 

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